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Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan visit to Dasu HPP

Honorable Prime Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif visited Dasu Hydropower Project to offer condolences to the Chinese Engineers and workers.


World Bank Vice President’s visit to Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP)

World Bank Vice President’s visit to Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP)


World Bank Mission's Visit for Monitoring Implementation Status Of The Project

World Bank Mission has visited the project site Dasu HPP, (WAPDA) Kohistan Upper, for the monitoring of implementation status of the project from November 7 to 15, 2023. The World Bank mission members were briefed about implementation progress of Environment Management Action Plan (EMAP), OHS and biodiversity at GM/PD office.


Stage 1 of concrete Starter Dam completed

June 21, 2023: In a major development towards implementation of Dasu Hydropower Project, Stage 1 of the concrete-Starter Dam has been completed upstream of Main Dam site.After the high flow season in October this year, the construction of the Starter Dam’s Stage 2 will be carried out. The Stage 2 is scheduled for completion during the coming low flow season.


A major milestone achieved- The mighty River indus has been diverted

The under construction Dasu Hydropower Project has achieved a major milestone as the mighty River Indus was successfully diverted following completion of one of the two diversion tunnels. Consequently, construction activities have been initiated on the starter dam, leading towards construction of the main dam of Dasu Hydropower Project.

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Dasu Hydropower Project

Dasu Hydropower Project is a run of river project on the Indus River located 7km upstream of Dasu Town, District Kohistan (Upper), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The site is 74km downstream of proposed Diamer Basha Dam site and 345km from Islamabad. Project will generate 4320MW (12 Units @ 360 MW each) hydroelectric power with annual energy of 21445GWh and will be developed in two (02) Stages (Stage-I&II). Stage-I will generate 2160MW (06 Units @ 360MW each) with annual energy of 12,222GWh. Stage-I will be completed in five (05) years. The project is being financed by the World Bank.

Dasu Hydropower Project is one of the priority projects under the Power Policy 2013 and the Vision 2025 of Government of Pakistan.

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Payment Summary
(Rupees in Million)

Land Acquisition 22,247.921
Enhanced Self Managed Resettlement (ESMR) 5998.25
Temporary Relocation Payments 113.729
Project Allowances 7.442