Construction of Relocated KKH

The proposed Dasu reservoir will extend from Dasu dam site, located about 7 km north of Dasu Bridge, to the toe of Diamer Bhasha dam proposed about 74 km further north. The existing KKH, in a stretch of about 46 km, will be submerged in Dasu reservoir requiring its relocation to a higher level. Another 10 km length of road will have to be rebuilt downstream of Dasu dam site to join the existing KKH located at a lower level with the new road relocated at the higher level upstream of the Dasu dam site. The total length of the relocated KKH will be 62 km approximately (61+700 km).

The relocated KKH has been divided into two Phases i.e. KKH-01 (Part-I) and KKH-02 (Part-II). The first Phase is comprised of 25.200 km of relocated KKH plus a link road of 3.028 km, from the existing KKH at a lower level and joining with the relocated KKH at a higher altitude. Phase KKH-01 will serve as a bypass to avoid interference in the construction activities at the dam site.

The cost estimates for relocation of KKH (62 Km) are given in the approved PC-1.In addition to relocation of KKH road the details of internal roads dismantling / construction of suspension bridges with cost estimates are provided in the PC-1. The construction work shall mainly include rock excavation; subgrade preparation water bound aggregate base course, asphaltic bass course, asphalt concrete wearing course, bridges and other structures.