Construction of Access Road from Komila Town to Dam Site along Right Bank of Indus River,
Right Access Road (RAR).

Komila Town is the only commercial market very close to Dasu town, the district headquarter of Kohistan. Komila Town is along right and Dasu Town is along left bank of the Indus River. Dasu Bridge constructed across the Indus River during construction of KKH is the only crossing point and link between Dasu and Komila Town Komila Bazar is extended over two km and shops are along both sides the KKH. This part of the town is always crowed with men and on side vehicles are parked. Therefore it becomes acting as traffic congestion point at KKH. In order to avoid this congestion part and considering Dasu Bridge an old structure and may not be suitable for heavy traffic passed during project construction, a bypass road along Indus Right Bank from Komila to Dam site is considered necessary and would be constructed before mobilization of main contractor

The length of the road is about 12 km and width would be the same as for relocated KKH. A budget provision of 2,605.2 million has been provided in approved PC-1 of the project.